Total Pallet Solutions


Total Pallet Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for your pallet needs, and can tailor its offerings to your  unique situation.  These solutions may be made up of one or more of our core products and services, and may include additional products and services, as well.

Core Products:

  • 48 X 40 4-way Used Pallets (Grade A, Grade AAA, and Grade B)
  • Non-Standard Sized Used Pallets (36 X 36, 42 X 42, 44 X 44, 48 X 48 and others)
  • Custom Pallets (Any Size or Configuration, Re-manufactured from Recycled and/or New Lumber)
Core Services:
  • Purchase Surplus and/or Broken Pallets
  • Timely Payment for Pallets Purchased (Complete with a Pallet Breakdown Report)
  • Truckload Delivery (Van or Flatbed)
  • Drop Trailer for Pallet Storage
  • Design of Custom Pallets
  • Emergency Support--Your Crisis is Our Crisis!

Key Factors:
  • Our dedicated fleet of trucks and trailers lets us provide the highest level of customer service.
  • Our expertise in the pallet industry lets us provide high quality decision support to our partners.

We invite you to contact us and allow us to combine our products and services into a comprehensive pallet program for your business.  You will not be disappointed!

Total Pallet Solutions, LLC

3532 S. I-35W
Alvarado, TX 76009

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